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Equi-Clean Grooming Wipes were created so that you can spend less time grooming and more time doing what you love, riding! We are the next generation cleaning product, designed to be used anywhere and anytime. Our wipes are great for sensitive areas, including around the eyes and nose to prevent fungus, as well as on your tack. They are perfect for those cold winter days when you cannot wash your horse, and much more.

As Seen in US Equestrian Magazine


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We love the Equi-Clean Grooming Wipes at the shows because we are always in a hurry, we have multiple horses there and we cannot take as much time with each one. Of course, we want them to look their best so is easy to put in our grooming bag, grab it, wipe the horse and we know will be a quick wipe and go.
King Santacruz & Natalie Regel
These wipes have saved me from washing a ton of towels. I found them online and thought they would be great for my dog, and they really are! They are large enough to cover his entire body, and they’ve really saved the both of us a lot of time (and stress). I’ve also been able to wipe down his harness and leash pretty easily. For sure will purchase again.




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